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Teaching Portfolio
Student Comments by Course
Precalculus/Calculus for Business et al.
"Course a success. He was good."
"Strength: Talking to students. Making class relevant. Gets us to listen and want to learn."
"Taught well. Lots of examples. Never impatient."
"Gets us to listen and want to learn."
"Knowledgeable. He conveyed most information in an understandable manner."
"Perez presents strong explanations on topics discussed in a sometimes humorous manner. Always encouraging us to come for help."
"Teaches well. Always there when a student needs help."
"Provided all the material you needed. Knew his stuff but had a hard time teaching it in a clear manner so that students understood."
"Fix board handwriting."
"He explains the math problems well. He knows a lot about Calculus. Needs to write more clearly. Was there to help if a student didn't understand."
"Knew everyone's name. Sense of humor. Fair amount of homework and tests."
"Poor explanations of the material. Taught myself everything."
Calculus I
"Quizzes were presented as opportunities for learning. To be quite honest, this has been the only course that I have enjoyed this semester. I would suggest it to anyone that's coming in without a major. Prof's strengths: Patience with students that incessantly ask why and how. He makes class enjoyable with his humor and gets the point across. Creates a familiarity with the students by using only surnames. We don't address him differently than he does us. Very effective."
"Not able to completely grasp my attention. Boring. Good at teaching but could improve charisma for learning."
"Expectations were high. Sometimes too high. Solved difficult problems in class but went too quickly through explaining concepts."
"Very challenging course. Tries to keep everyone alert (8 a.m. class) and active. Very effective."
"Did not follow the book. I think the homework should be checked but not graded. Fair."
"Taught us Maple! Took criticism from the class and made adjustments."
"Sometimes doing several things at once made them confusing. He was a great teacher."
"Assumes we know too much. Really nice and caring person, but needs to understand that everyone doesn't know everything. Has to spend more time teaching new topics."
"Took time to really explain things one-on-one. In class sometimes less effective. I thought he was good in the classroom most of the time. But outside of the classroom he was an excellent teacher."
"Strength: Enthusiasm and understanding of the subject. Weakness: Habit of losing some students."
"I feel he provided an effective method of teaching calculus (a subject not easy to teach). His method of teaching gave me a great understanding of the subject."
"Needs more structure."
"He was always available for help. Signed up for him next semester!"
"Did a good job. I learned a lot from him."
Calculus II
"This course was very worthwhile and challenging and will be beneficial to me. Glad I took it."
"Joe is a great teacher in and out of the classroom. He cares about the students and wants them to do well."
"Challenging and fast-paced, but not too much to handle."
"Strength: Incredibly intellectual and knowledbgeable about math. Weakness: I found that in order to follow along successfully, I had to be completely attentive at all times and write down everything so that I could go back and read it over. Effective although not always clear at first. Understandable over time."
"Much more effective this semester than last. He was able to teach me much more this time."
"Talked to the board sometimes. Used complicated language that he could have broken down for us."
Calculus III
"Very smart and entertaining. Good drawings!"
"Energetic, engaging. Very interesting."
"Allowed students to learn at own pace."
"Very dynamic prof. Energy and enthusiasm make him effective."
"Genuinely cares about the students. Moves too fast sometimes."
"I enjoyed this class because the professor was cool and interacted with the students. It was difficult in the beginning just because I wasn't used to going that fast, but I like it now. Prof is a great guy who could be funny and you still learned a buttload."(!)
"Goes way too fast. Very enthusiastic."
"Strengths: Sense of humor, immense knowledge and speed. Ability to draw figures well. Responds to students. Weakness: Occasional speed issues (Stop and breathe!). Prof Perez connected well with our small group and was able to teach us a great deal."
"One of the best teachers I have ever had."
"Interesting. Good professor. Just needs to explain things more clearly."
"Very difficult mateial. He did a very good job taking us through the material. Good teacher and a nice guy."
"Crazy but awesome."
Differential Equations
"Can sense the mood of the class. Listens."
"Knew his stuff. Always available. Gave us his cellphone number!"
"Great at explaining things. Fair grader. Effective, well-taught course."
"Explanations were good. Really enjoyed the class. Learned a ton. Professor was great."
"Entertaining for an 8 a.m. class. JJ was a good teacher. Obviously knows his math. Assumed we knew stuff we didn't."
"Best aspect of course: Prof gave many examples."
"Weakness: None. Maybe his crazy examples... I'm taking him next semester!"
"Very familiar with the subject. Quick. Humor. Prof. Perez needs to slow down often and be a bit more clear, but overall, I enjoy his teaching style."
"Overall, I thought the course was challenging however manageable. I was able to learn what was expected of me. Perez taught the course well and was always willing to help me out with the material whenever I needed it."
"Messy handwriting. Too fast. Nice guy, hard to follow, though."
"Go slower, but not too much slower."
"Well-taught course on hard subject matter. Good at explaining things. Fair grader."
"Excellent teacher."
"Prof Perez is a great person and he knows the information but to be more effective to college students he has to break it down more."
Linear Algebra
Funny, confusing, wants us to learn, goes too fast.
Quick-witted. Should better engage in interchanges with the students. Had him in other subjects but in LinAlg he kept to himself more.
Hard to follow.
"Good course. Prof's strength: Knowledge. Weaknesses: Writes messily and goes too fast. I love JJPerez!"
"Too hard. Too fast. Class was fun to go to, at least."
"Really likes to see students do well. Funny."
"He knows what he's talking about. Assumes we know more than we do."
"Hard but good course."
"Ineffective explanations. Does not take time to make sure all students understand the material. Did not communicate objectives of the daily lectures."
"Needed to slow down and give more examples."
"Funny. Makes class entertaining. Disorganized. Did a reasonable job explaining the subject."
"Course seemed confusing a lot. Online text may have been at fault. JJ should have put up more examples."
"Too hard."
"Says more than explains."
Real and Complex Analysis
"Tough class. Knows analysis. Did well at describing things in terms we could understand, more so toward the end of the course."
"Good prof, but the subject matter made it really hard."
"Flexible, available outside of class, encouraged students to keep trying, acknowledging the difficulty of the content."
"Professor was effective because he was fair and challenging. Tough to follow lectures. Isn't much flow to the material at times."
"Always available to help students." "Vast knowledge of topic, but needs to work on delivering the knowledge he obviously has."
"Very difficult course. Prof clearly wants students to learn. Some discussions unclear."
"Enthusiastic and knowledge of the material were Perez's strengths. Very eager in educating us."
"Great sense of humor. Expects people to remember too much...Cares about students' learning."
"I think it could've been done a little better, but the course material is simply difficult to grasp...Don't skip steps!"
"Taught creatively: 'Poof!' theory! Rhyming theorems rule!...Very good."
"Very hard class. Good Prof."
"Tough but interesting course...Sometimes hard to understand his explanations. Always available to help students."
"Always positive and really wanted us to learn, but impossible course."
"Perez is very effective if you know how to learn from him...A better text would have been helpful to supplement lectures."
"He is a good teacher. He knows what he is doing and will try his best to make sure the students do well."
"Needs to learn to get his point across in a clearer way."
"Tough material. As efective as anyone could be."
"Was too fast at the beginning but improved toward the end of the semester."
"Seemed that he really wanted us to learn but the material was very confusing."
"Don't skip steps. Explain everything, even the simplest steps."
"Could slow down, but otherwise pretty effective."
"Does anything he can to get the material across." "Needs to not cram som much into the semester and make sure we understand. Doesn't realize that we really don't know everything he expects us to know."
Mathematical Probability and Statistics
"Knows the math. Flexible. Sense of humor. Sometimes too fast."
"Always available to help my understanding the material. Sometimes too quick in lectures. Offers to slow down but then accelerates after a few minutes. He was good, though."
"He knows his stuff. I got lost a couple times along the way but now feel I understand all the ideas in the course. Good prof overall, though could be clearer."
"Strengths: Availability outside class, knowledge of subject, fair exams. Weakness: Sometimes rushed lectures. Very good course and prof."
"Really enthusiastic and wants the students to really learn the material. Good course."
"Knows a lot. I don't think I came away with a good basis in statistics. Everything went by too fast and I absorbed very little. Assumes we know too much. Assumes we remember everything. Not enough feedback or reinforcement. I have trouble learning from him. Too confusing though he wanted us to learn. Doesn't suit my learning style."
"Needs to make up some easier examples!"
Numerical Analysis
"Dumbs down very well... Effective"
"There should be a Comp Sci prerequisite for this course."
"Made class enjoyable and funny; I also learned a lot about some algorithms."
"Available for help, always (he cleaned my computer screen!). Made class fun. Effective."
"Understanding, very helpful, funny. Assumed we knew more than we do. A lot of enthusiasm. Helpful when we didn't understand."
"Should slow down and emphasize basics some more. Too fast."
"Always willing to help. Went too fast on the board. Helped me understand how to use Maple and what it's good for."
"Obviously cares about students' learning. Writing hard to understand at times. I had no Comp Sci background. Made things tough."
"Strengths: Explanations and knowledge of the subject. Weakness: His sense of humor is awful. Effective. Learned pretty much everything the first time through."
"Enthusiastic. Demanded excellence in student performance."
"I didn't like the class. I plan to teach math and this course is useless to me. I don't understand Maple."
"I learned more in this class and DEs (also with JJ) than any other math classes."
"Everything on the board was understandable, but when it came to Maple, I was completely lost. I learned from fellow students."
"Too fast. We didn't understand Maple."
"Very helpful to me when I didn't understand."
"Good at keeping student interest in the class."
"Assumes we know things that we never learned or had years ago. Give more examples!"