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I have good experience in the laboratory. The first real jobs I had were in R A Kenefick's Laboratory at Texas A & M University. In the last bit of my undergraduate period and the beginning of my graduate, I worked on the antimatter trapping and cooling project in this lab. This was enormously stimulating and Professor Kenefick was and still is an important influence and inspiration. I was given the responsibility of designing and building a GaAs-FET preamplifier to operate in a 4K, UHV, 8T environment. I designed, built, and maintained cryogenic ultrahigh vacuum systems. I designed and machined various scientific instruments, including an entire Penning trap. I then became enamored of quantum field theory. This led me (predictably) to mathematics, where I have worked since.

Below, I link to two papers in which I am acknowledged for my work in the lab.


I have experience in scientific programming. As a sample, I include a proposal written to an electron microscopy lab asking for images. A colleague and I wrote various functions to be used in forming high-resolution images (asymmetric reconstructions) of reovirus cores. Here is a brief explanation. Our code (in Mathematica) is available on request.